Different kind of agency directory

Agency Match fine-tuned the vetting process and have made it their business to vouch for agencies and break down the barriers and brinkmanship in the process.

Visual identity and brand guidelines for AgencyMatch – matching brands with agencies specializing in branding, marketing, creative services, digital, video production, media, and public relations.

Brand attributes

Trustworthy, discerning, intuitive, wise, seasoned, relatable, serving, thorough, decisive, quick, sharp, curious, confident and ingenious.

Brand benefits

Authority, insight, speed, quality, perspective, protection, experience, and service.

Brand values

Integrity, loyalty, love, value, clarity and courage.

Brand essence

“Vetted, Vouched-For Specialized Agencies.”


primary colors

complementary colors

Trade Gothic Next

Trade Gothic Next is the 2008 revision of Jackson Burke’s design. Developed over a prolonged period of time, the original Trade Gothic showed many inconsistencies. Under the direction of Linotype’s Type Director Akira Kobayashi, American type designer Tom Grace, a graduate of the MA Typeface Design in Reading, was redesigned, revised and expand the Trade Gothic family. Many details were improved, such as the terminals and stroke endings, symbols, and the spacing and kerning. Moreover, there are newly added compressed widths and heavy weights perfect for setting even more powerful headlines. Trade Gothic Next brings more features and better quality for today’s demanding typographers.

corporate typography