Designer interview with Bojan Stefanovic

Recently I've been asked for an interview with a colleague Andrew who runs a very successful logo design blog. It was pretty exciting to see that he also managed to interview a ton of really good designers, some of which were practically my career role models.
Designer interview with Bojan Stefanovic

Here is a snippet of the interview:


Bojan Stefanovic is owner and art director of studio Logoholik. He is an award-winning visual identity specialist, Skilled in print and digital, focusing on brand identity design for the last ten years.

He has accumulated experience and expertise from art director positions at Belgrade’s finest design studios and ad agencies which has allow him to take complex projects from concept to design and all the way through to production and development.


“Always believe in yourself, work harder on your confidence. It is your strongest weapon in the design business.”


Over 100 logos and identities recognized and published in more than 15 international design publications including Logolounge and Taschen logo design books. Bojan is also a father of two, an absolute optimist.


Logo publications

Our logo design work has been published in almost every major logo inspiration book worldwide


The Logo Creative – Good to hear from you Bojan and thanks for agreeing to take part in a designer interview


Bojan Stefanovic – Thanks, Andrew. I’m game. Let’s do this!.


The Logo Creative –  What was the turning point in your life when you decided to become a designer and how did you proceed?


Bojan Stefanovic – Apart from cliché story about drawing and doodling from when I remember the time one thing always fascinated me – typography and later on layout/visual form of everyday things. I worked my way through primary and high school almost exclusively on neatly designed workbooks. Used to spend my afterschool time rewriting class work. It somehow triggered A’s from teachers, they assumed I learned all that stuff in the process.

That was before DTP software arrived…  When I first laid my eye on a crisp clear 800x600px res on 15in CRT screen with shining Helvetica, I knew that’s my future call. Since life in former Yugoslavia was not so perfect in my days, no budget for fancy colleges (or that was just my laziness back then  I pushed my design career in slightly harder way – not through formal education, but through working with mentors – from offset print house, prepress studio, junior designer positions at design studios all the way to art director in established advertising agencies in Belgrade, Serbia.


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2 Comments on “Designer interview with Bojan Stefanovic

Andrew Marriott
October 27, 2018 at 4:36 pm

It was a Pleasure to feature you Brojan!

Bojan Stefanovic
November 2, 2018 at 2:14 pm

Thanks again Andrew! The sheer concentration of pure talent of the people in your interview series is mind blowing. Keep it up!


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