Enlighten your data

Corporate identity for ThingsSolver – Data Analytics and Engineering company located in Belgrade, Serbia.

Logo lockups

Logo is the key building block of every identity, the primary visual element that identifies the company. Things Solver logo is consisting of S monogram formed from data cube maze and logotype set in Trade Gothic bold condensed.

Icon / avatar

Long time ago, one of the main questions regarding legibility of newly created logo was “Does it fax?” Nowadays it’s “Does it avatar?” The point is that the logo needs to work in constrained (let say 32x32px) environments like app icons.


Color plays an important role in every corporate identity program. The colors below are recommendations for various media. Consistent use of these colors will contribute to the cohesive and harmonious look of the Things Solver brand identity across all relevant media.


A well-proportioned, clean font can make all the difference on a website or even a corporate flyer. Good typography creates that “There’s something about that” feeling in people’s consciousness.

Business cards

Portrait business cards 55x85mm
Offset print 2/2
2 different backgrounds
350 gr velvet finish


A4+ plus folder

4/0 offset print

Roll-up banner

Roll up 100x200cm

digital print

Social network branding

Facebook cover page and avatar